Copa Star Hospital Offers Modernized Treatment at the Centre of Brazil Through Revolutionary Methodologies

Three years into construction, Copa Star Hospital made news headlines upon its announcement to celebrate its inauguration in October. The modern hospital is located in the South of Rio. Since its establishment, the people of Brazil have been receiving treatment in a modern facility thanks to technology. Copa Star is not a typical hospital in the field of medicine. It took a synergy of designed materials to establish the fiveā€“star restaurant look alike medical facility. It features a sophisticated touch of technology, luxury, and comfort. The architectural design embodies a modern concept from Rede D’Or Sao Luiz. Visit the site Rede D’Or for more info.


The modern hospital sits on 21 thousand meters of ground and seven floors. The technological touch it embeds refinement and innovation. The system of the hospital allows patients to experience a different level of adventure even in sickness. This is a feature most hospitals do not offer to their patients. Through modern technology applications and gadgets like iPad, it is possible for patients to have conversations with their doctors. The same applies to nurses and caretakers. The technology is automated through features. Unlike in ordinary hospitals where patients are confiscated to medical wards, Copa Star has a technology featuring the lighting of rooms, accessible curtain views, and doors.


Copa Star was built in 2013. The worth of the hospital is approximately over R400 million. With the leadership of Jorge Moll, the venture has been serving as an alternative for the residents of Rio Sao Paulo. The team of professionals at Copa Star Hospital has synergized qualified care as well as complex surgeries like neurosurgery and arthroscopy. Before the type of care offered in Copa Star Hospital, patients had to travel to Sao Paulo. This place is geographically located in Syria, Lebanese. It was, therefore, difficult to save lives in the past because the distance would hardly allow a patient to survive.


The establishment of Hospital Copa Star has marked the beginning of an era capable of saving lives during an emergency. The hospital combines the touch of a professional chef. The chef prepares food according to the specified ingredients from the physicians. This factor largely contributes to the wellness of patients. With the personalized treatment, patients have the chance to heal faster than expected. This is because every patient is given an opportunity to experience tailored treatment through meticulous attention. Visit their profile page on


Among the innovations the hospital has capitalized on is the flow of stretchers in addition to professional health workers. The hospital has calm and welcoming whip of fresh air with artworks along the corridors. The 231 kinetic works invented by Yutaka Toyota, the Japanese painter, have a way of providing internal peace in the hospital environment. With an employee base of over 550 workers, 113 are doctors. This is proof that the hospital constitutes enough professionals to offer medical care.

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