Cotemar Cares

Cotemar is a Mexican Oil and Gas Company that provides services to Petroleos Mexicanos, better known as Pemex (trademark name), which is the Mexican State owned Petroleum Company created in 1938. The company has three divisions / groups by which they provide offshore safety services using specially equipped vessels. The services are divided as follows: 1) Construction, Modernization, Maintenance, and Engineering Services are maintenance services needed on the offshore oil rigs and offshore centers 2) Special Meritime Vessel Services (commercial and/or military) are services provided while being at sea and are administered to those within their “flotels” which are floating hotels onboard for approximately 450-800 occupants and 3) Accommodations and Catering Services which are those services offered to over four thousand personnel while offshore. These services include bedding, laundry / ironing, food preparation, and common area cleaning. Aside from these services, a gym, a basketball court, ping pong tables, a movie theatre, and TV rooms are also available to all management, staff, and crew.


The company’s Mission is to be an offshore oil services company which contributes to the production of the oil and gas industry implemented by industry leading technology and success driven personnel. Their Vision is to be a company with greater participation in new oil and gas businesses worldwide and to increase their involvement in the production process using a fleet of modernized vessels and new innovative methods of operation.


Cotemar has a “sustainability scheme” which are their method(s) for maintaining their credibility, upholding the company’s general level overall , supporting the company, and confirming their current level of commitment to themselves and to others. The scheme has several parts to it-Business Ethics, Quality of Life, Community, and Environment. Business Ethics include communicating the company’s values, Quality of Life focuses on encouraging the development of our people and their families through safety, health, education, and the sense of belonging, Community sees the company as a value in society / community by promoting health and culture, creating jobs, and supporting social programs, and Environment raises the awareness about the care of the environment through good environmental and ecological practices and activities.


Because of their commitment to the wellbeing of their employees, their protection of the environment, and the ties within the community, Cotemar was recognized as a Socially Responsible Company three consecutive years. Other certification(s) given to Cotemar are International Air Pollution Prevention, Safety Management Certificate, and International Certificate for the Protection of Vessels and Harbor Installations.

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