The US Money Reserve Helps Make Customers a Profit on Gold Investments

The US Money Reserve will be holding an Emergency Gold Conference at an undisclosed location somewhere in Austin, Texas. This event is only able to be attended if someone is specifically invited, and this conference will be led by the US Reserve’s President Philip N. Diehl. Diehl says that the list of topics to be discussed includes global terrorism, cyberattacks, instability within world leadership, and national debt/finance crises going on around the world. The US Gold Report will also be discussed.

Anything related to gold and the impacts of its price on the lives of people around the world can be discussed at these conferences, and Diehl claims his main motivation behind these conferences is to educate people the best way they can on gold and the impacts it has on all of our lives. Read more: US Money Reserve | Facebook  and  U.S Money Reserve | Crunchbase

The US Money Reserve is the largest distributor of gold in the US with over 400,000 satisfied customers to date. This is the largest agency that sells gold and many individuals who buy gold from the US Money Reserve and sell it later make a great profit from their investments, proving that gold is indeed a great tool to invest in to help the average consumer gain wealth and “get ahead” in life.

We can thank the professional relationship that the workers at the US Money Reserve have made with their customers to allow customers to trust the US Money Reserve to help them gain money back from their investments in the agency as a safe location to go to meet all of their gold needs.

The US Reserve also looks forward to making more happy customers in the future, and continuing to work with more and more people to ensure that they are benefiting from their investments in gold as a form of investment.

The US Money Reserve has built this successful business of helping people invest in and sell gold through key company principals and ethics. The US Money Reserve’s services include providing customers with experience accounts to help handle their gold transactions as well as allowing field-leading numerical professional to assess every single transaction done to ensure they are don’t in the best interest of the customer.

The US Money Reserve provides a quality customer service department to ensure that customers are getting the assistance they need soon as possible to make investing quick and easy for them.

The US Money Reserve also provides a quality shipping service to guarantee customer purchases and order verification workers to ensure that the people who are buying the gold are the ones getting it.

Todd Lubar Discusses The Opportunities Smart Homes Provide To Entrepreneurs

Todd Lubar is a big believer that smart homes will continue to become the norm in home building rather than the exception in the future. Smart homes can enhance safety and comfort for senior citizens and provide convenience to busy working professionals. For seniors, homes with motion detection sensors can determine whether a senior has fallen on the floor and can’t get up. They can also detect irregular walking behavior and activate an emergency response.

For the younger millennial generation, smart homes can come with remotely controlled lighting and nest thermostats. These are linked remotely to a person’s smartphone or computer. This will allow somebody at work or on the road to turn up or down the heat and turn on the lights both outside and inside. It can save time and money for the busy professional.

According to GC Report, Todd Lubar describes that even some home appliances in a smart home can be connected. Todd Lubar describes a smart stove that can be turned on and off via an app or computer program. If you accidentally left your stove on, you can easily shut it off with smart appliances and technology. Imagine a smart oven that you can preheat ahead of time and then just plop a turkey and some potatoes in for a meal. That is a real time saver. You can visit Inspirery for more info.

Another smart home feature is smart cameras. They allow people to monitor their home and the home’s surroundings on their computer at work, on their laptops or even their smartphones. Room smart cameras inside a home area good way to check up on young kids or pets. Outdoor cameras combined with smart doors that alert you when someone is ringing the doorbell are a great way to see who is knocking on your door. This is especially useful if you have smaller kids or teens who may not be able to determine whether to let somebody in our not.

With all of these new features, smart homes are bound to become more popular and widespread. Todd Lubar says that as a result, there will be a need for increased security. Smart homes can be hacked just like a computer can because they are connected to the internet. This provides a major source of opportunity for entrepreneurs who can help secure the smart homes and the IoT from hackers.

The Young Entrepreneurial Sawyer Howitt

Sawyer Howitt is the son of the CEO and the founder of the Meriwether Group David Howitt. He is not the common average young man as he has achieved a lot yet he is just out of high school. These can be attributed to the keen interest by Meriwether Group’s to help entrepreneurs realize their ideas. Sawyer Howitt who hails from Oregon is one of the young entrepreneurs with a promising future.

The Meriwether Group foster and mentors young entrepreneur to success and this has helped in shaping young Howitt to the right path. He loves photography, listening to music and sports but also spends most of the time working with his father. Currently, he serves in the role project manager in the company which he started while still in high school.

Combining his artistry and analytical skills, Sawyer Howitt can oversee various projects undertaken by the corporation. He can understand the financial and operational needs of business despite his young age.

Sawyer Howitt is not limited to finance and business and he already boasts an impressive body of work focused. By serving as a customer service when he was in high school like many other high schoolers, to his analytic skills Sawyer Howitt is a jack of all trades.

His analytic skills help him to dig through complex spreadsheets and get solutions. These skills played a crucial role when he was part of a RFID’s team. The team tasked with establishing a combination of internet protocols using RFID tags and electronic code. The creation was designed to transmit information to a connected database accessible to the company.

This innovation which Sawyer Howitt was part of is a state of the art technology for customers to find a product online and retailers to track their store merchandise. His capabilities have been expounded by His track record has proven he has what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. His mindset is inventive, and that enables him to come up with ideas for business improvement.

Sawyer Howitt has a self- driven force, futuristic and hopeful for the best despite challenges that meet business operations.




Spotlight on Doe Deere’s Morning Routine and Lime Crime

Most successful people in the world have a preset morning routine that they have mastered like an art. Doe Deere, the creator and founder of Lime Crime, a beauty brand has a particular morning ritual that she follows religiously. Here are her morning rituals that include her preferred beauty products as well as her choice of morning music.


Waking Up and Starting the Day


Doe Deere is a morning person and ensures that she is awake by 8:30 am every morning without the need for an alarm. She has to ensure that she sleeps for nine hours daily as that is her secret to having a clear skin. Her body seems like it has a good in-built clock as she gets to wake up at 8:30 am by just telling herself that is the right time to wake up. Doe Deere loves taking breakfast in her kitchen while gazing outside the window as she contemplates on the day ahead.


Starting a Morning


On any typical day, Doe Deere drinks a glass full of water in order to ensure that her body remains highly hydrated. Whenever she wakes up feeling fully awake and hydrated, she does a number of stretches. Although she is not athletic at all, she tries to engage in stretches daily. Doe Deere prefers the “cat/camel” exercise as it helps her back feel loose and nice. After engaging in the stretches, she proceeds to making breakfast with grits being her favorite kind of hot cereals. She also prefers fruit, yogurt as well as orange juice that has been freshly squeezed. She usually picks the oranges from her own tree.


Keeping In Touch with Her Company


Doe Deere swears that she lives by the calendar found on her phone. It controls her life to some extent and makes the first thing that she checks whenever she wakes up. Keeping in touch with her team back at her office is an important task that she conducts in the morning ages before she gets to the office. Her Instagram is always open on the phone while responding to a number of emails. Doe Deere tries as much as possible to escape from the digital information in order to create time for focusing on being creative in her line of work. She loves listening to music as she applies her makeup especially from The Beatles. She prefers Red Velvet, Pink Velvet and Rustic, all from her Lime Crime line. Lastly, she spends time with her cats before getting to the office by noon until six or longer when she is on the roll.


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Brad Reifler’s Veteran Support Totals $3 Million

While some organizations claim to support returning and disabled veterans and even have words of encouragement, not all have given to them in the way that Brad Reifler has. Reifler, the founder and owner of Forefront Capital Advisors gave $3 million and formed a partnership with Easter Seals Dixon Center in New York. Easter Seals is a foundation dedicated to helping veterans and their families transition back into civilian life by assisting with education, job placement, healthcare and mental and emotional support hotlines.

Reifler wants Forefront Capital to show their dedication and recognition of veterans as a group that can contribute to the business world, and that deserves a chance to invest for their families and future.

Brad Reifler is a model of savvy investing and helping others build their futures through sound decision-making. He’s made a paradigm shift during his professional career to move away from the traditional Wall Street banks and executives and bring in blue collar and middle class people to his company. It wasn’t always like this for Brad Reifler, but in recent years he recalled several experiences that brought this about.

At an earlier time in his life not long after becoming married, Reifler wanted to start a savings fund for his children’s college tuition. He followed what was known as a good investment at the time, but over the years the savings didn’t add up as expected and had actually lost money by the time his children were ready for college.

Also, he had taken the savings his father had earned as a street vendor and attempted to invest them in a retirement fund he knew would perform well, but SEC regulations made it difficult to get into since his father wasn’t accredited, so Brad Reifler went about to change this in his own way.

Reifler started his first billion-dollar futures management company back in the 1980s known as Reifler Trading Company. From there he opened Pali Capital which garnered private equity investments and turned them into high-yield dividends.

At Forefront Capital, he originally opened that company as a hedge fund for the Wall Street regulars, but he then decided to start an initiative for lower income and non-accredited investors known as Forefront Income Trust. It’s easy to join this investment as all you need is just $1,000 to open an IRA.

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Cotemar Cares

Cotemar is a Mexican Oil and Gas Company that provides services to Petroleos Mexicanos, better known as Pemex (trademark name), which is the Mexican State owned Petroleum Company created in 1938. The company has three divisions / groups by which they provide offshore safety services using specially equipped vessels. The services are divided as follows: 1) Construction, Modernization, Maintenance, and Engineering Services are maintenance services needed on the offshore oil rigs and offshore centers 2) Special Meritime Vessel Services (commercial and/or military) are services provided while being at sea and are administered to those within their “flotels” which are floating hotels onboard for approximately 450-800 occupants and 3) Accommodations and Catering Services which are those services offered to over four thousand personnel while offshore. These services include bedding, laundry / ironing, food preparation, and common area cleaning. Aside from these services, a gym, a basketball court, ping pong tables, a movie theatre, and TV rooms are also available to all management, staff, and crew.


The company’s Mission is to be an offshore oil services company which contributes to the production of the oil and gas industry implemented by industry leading technology and success driven personnel. Their Vision is to be a company with greater participation in new oil and gas businesses worldwide and to increase their involvement in the production process using a fleet of modernized vessels and new innovative methods of operation.


Cotemar has a “sustainability scheme” which are their method(s) for maintaining their credibility, upholding the company’s general level overall , supporting the company, and confirming their current level of commitment to themselves and to others. The scheme has several parts to it-Business Ethics, Quality of Life, Community, and Environment. Business Ethics include communicating the company’s values, Quality of Life focuses on encouraging the development of our people and their families through safety, health, education, and the sense of belonging, Community sees the company as a value in society / community by promoting health and culture, creating jobs, and supporting social programs, and Environment raises the awareness about the care of the environment through good environmental and ecological practices and activities.


Because of their commitment to the wellbeing of their employees, their protection of the environment, and the ties within the community, Cotemar was recognized as a Socially Responsible Company three consecutive years. Other certification(s) given to Cotemar are International Air Pollution Prevention, Safety Management Certificate, and International Certificate for the Protection of Vessels and Harbor Installations.

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US Money Reserve Is Doing Even More To Bring In Investors

US Money Reserve has boasted about having one of the most appealing ecommerce websites in the gold selling industry, and they have improved it even more in this last year. Thanks to renovations done on the website, it’s become interactive for all kinds of devices both Apple and Android.

The new website has added even more photos of gold and silver bullion to its galleries that can easily be scrolled through, and getting access to information has never been easier at this website. And first-time visitors can find the page where company President Philip Diehl gives them a brief introduction to investing in gold.

So just what does investing in precious metals mean to US Money Reserve? The company is well aware that in tough economic times, you need to have a backup plan for your finances if worse comes to worst in the nation.

Gold and silver cannot ever be valued at zero or controlled by the Fed’s policies, so US Money Reserve encourages investors to buy it while the time is right. Precious metal investments come in all kinds of bullion from gold and silver commemorative coins of all different value, or even solid bricks and bars to store in a safe.

One reason US Money Reserve is a company you can trust is that President Philip N. Diehl is a former US Mint Director who did tremendous work at that agency.

He brought about the 50 States Quarter program and enacted policies at the reserve that had billions in profits returned to tax payers.

He even launched the agency’s first ever ecommerce site and was highly commended by former President Bill Clinton for his work. He also was one of the advocates behind the first minting of the liberty platinum coin which is available for purchase at the US Money Reserve website.

The US Money Reserve has a lot of information about how existing stocks, bonds and mutual funds can be transferred into precious metals, including IRA accounts. Your retirement is not something you want to leave vulnerable if the markets were to crash or the US national debt spirals out of control.

There are always risks to investing in gold and silver, but US Money Reserve also has buyback in place, and if you aren’t happy with the products they offer money back guarantees.

To find out more information and receive assistance with precious metal purchases, visit

Why Not Give Securus Technologies a Try When It Has Been Created Especially For You To Benefit From?

Securus Technologies is offering several benefits for its users and communities that surround correctional facilities. This is because it’s not only a program that’s been designed and engineered to benefit its immediate users, but also one that’s been designed and engineered to provide benefits to the communities that surround the correctional facilities that utilize the program. This is essentially due to it being a program that has been created to allow law enforcement officials to oversee the video chats that take place between inmate and their visitors and use any segments that may be considered as having content that are criminal related in them in courts to have investigations opened pertaining to the very matters of crime that are discussed. This is exactly the reason why the communicative platform of Securus Technologies has become one that many people are beginning to truly depend on, as its helping to keep their communities safe.


Securus Technologies has been created to offer ease of use for any current and/or prospective user of the program. The website has been designed in ways that a new visitor should have no problem navigating within the page(s) and their associated links. There is a contact option available on the website for any visitor or current user who may want to either ask questions or receive guidance on the utilization of the communicative program. Its compatibility requirements are also listed on the website, thus, giving a prospective user anything that they could need on it. Please feel free to see what all you may be able to achieve from using this particular program, as it’s one that has received plenty of recognition from many of its prior users. You may find it to be just what you needed to finally get in touch with someone who you haven’t had an opportunity of speaking to in a while.


The Brown Modeling Agency Hires Bountiful Models

Brown Agency is giving a lot of people in Texas a chance to build a solid career in the modeling industry. This company has grown in a major way, and people are very impressed with this company has done in the industry. This is a southern-based company that has had models that have worked with Toyota and Dell. The models here have become polished professionals that work well with the big names in the industry.

There is always a lot of growth in the modeling industry, and L’oreal and Louis Vuitton are just a few of the clients that have used the models that are part of the Brown Modeling Agency family. This is a company that has managed to deliver the talents of dependable and professional models in the Central Texas area. This has become an industry leader in the modeling industry, and that is because there are so many different areas that Brown caters to. There are models in fashion, commercial and theatrical industries under the Brown Modeling Agency.

According to Market Wired, there are models from this agency that are strutting down the runways for the hot Miami Swim Week or the New York Fashion Week. These are a lot of models that get their start on the runway, but they go on to acquire other jobs. Some of these men, woman and children may work in fashion for a while as others transition into the area of commercials. There is so much work available, and the agencies that have a roster of this size are always connecting with clients for jobs.

This agency was once known as the Wihelmina Austin Agency. It has expanded over the years. There are a lot of people that are interested in becoming part of the Brown Agency team, and there is certainly an opportunity if they want a full service modeling agency. Some of these models are even aspiring to film. This is definitely something that people have to consider if they want to get the best of what the modeling agency offers. A full service agency is going to be able to help models acquire a plethora of different jobs. This is the reality of having access to a firm that has connections with large companies. Everyone that is part of the Brown Agency family will be able to acquire a lot of different opportunities.

People that are interested in becoming models can walk through the doors of this organization if they live in Texas or submit their information – along with photos – through the Brown Agency website. This is where a lot of people become familiar with Brown Agency. Clients also use the website to find models that fit a certain profile.

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Why Betsy DeVos Promotes School Choice

The DeVos family, known for their financial contributions as well as for their contribution to the education system, is being regarded favorably by the Philanthropy Roundtable. The mention of the work by Milton Friedman regarding the government’s role in education and the probability of a private school voucher for the acceptance of entry into private schools regardless of where a student lives. Betsy DeVos has always been in favor of reform, specifically how it refers to children getting an education. With more than 250,000 students spanning 33 publicly funded programs, with private-choice programs in more than 17 states, including the District of Columbia. DeVos is thrilled about the results and is doing her best to ensure that these programs are gaining momentum as they head to school choice. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

Educational-choice programs have now grown by as much as 40,000 schools and that is a big number. Many states have passed voucher programs, and now it has folks taking note of positive change as it continues to grow. Betsy Devos recalled in the interview with Philanthropy Roundtable how she and her husband Dick visited schools when their children were young. They wanted to learn more about the school system and how it functioned as well as the impact it had on the lives of those in the school and how the families were motivated to help their children grow in their education. The DeVos family came away with the fact that there were many families that wanted their children in private schools but the cost was too great. This was when Betsy knew that reform was essential to improving the education system.

Forming a scholarship fund was in the future for the DeVos family, and it is an endeavor to which they are committed to completely in order to get the opportunities that they deserved. Betsy served on the boards of charities herself, committed to helping families getting the chance they deserved to send their children to the schools they desired. As the mother of young school-age children Dick and Betsy DeVos knew that they had to make every effort count. The boards that Betsy served on include Children First America and the Education Reform Council. This was critical to getting the tax credits along with vouchers as well.

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