EOS Lip Balm Reigns

EOS is the lip balm company that many people have become fascinated with. It has become a company that has a colorful number of lip balm products that are incredibly appealing to the young crowd of millennials. Many people have considered this to be a company that is growing in leaps and bounds as it takes on one of the most successful lip balm companies in the last decade. The company has managed to uproot from the number one spot from ChapStick. This is a company that was able to totally turn around the dull lip balm industry that has become plagued by a lot of monotony.

There have always been signs that EOS lip balm would soon make it to the top. This is a company that started out in small form in stores like Walgreens, Target and CVS. For many people this was not considered a necessity so much as it was an impulse buy. This is what the founders would realize. They knew that there were people that wouldn’t spend any money on lip balm unless it was positioned in the right place. EOS lip balm would also have to be appealing and different from what people had experienced in the past.

EOS lip balm brand would come in a colorful package in a different shape. This will be the thing that will cause many people to notice it even when they were not planning to originally purchase it. That would sync with the concept of marketing to a crowd of millennials. People went from seeing this obscure shaped lip balm container in stores to seeing the EOS ads on Facebook and YouTube where bountiful fruit flavored lip balm products were marketed as the thing that would keep lips smooth. EOS has definitely become a leader because the marketing strategy was very successful.

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