George Soros Is Coming Back To Washington Fundraising

George Soros has been one of the largest fundraising men in all of the Democratic Party, and this article explains how George plans to make a comeback. There are many people who are joining behind George to give money to the progressive agenda, and there are many people who wish to follow him as they fight in the 2018 and 2020 elections. These elections will change the Trump presidency, and they may be used to create change. Read more on

#1: Fighting Back Against Conservatives

George is giving money to a number of people who are willing to help fight conservatives such as Joe Arpaio and his lot. There are many people in positions of power who are not doing good in any way, and they must be fought as much as possible. The person who is being fought will cause problems for the population until they have made changes, and he has had a summit that will bring people together who are willing to give to the liberal agenda.

#2: Why Is He Fighting?

There are many different people who are having problems with the conservatives, and George Soros is a holocaust survivor who believes that the world cannot go back to the place that it once was in. He sees many parallels because of what has happened in the American elections, and he wants to stop this as much as possible to ensure that many people will be free.

#3: Charities

There are many charities that George is willing to give to, and he has many surplus funds to offer to the people who are fighting, and he is giving to charities where possible to support those in need. He is a supporter of the Israeli nation, and he is searching for a better way to help those who are refugees. He knows that the crisis is a major problem, and he wishes to see everyone soften their heart a bit to those who cannot help themselves.

#4: George Is a Scion of Giving

Everyone looks to George when they want to know how much to give, and they are searching for the places that he gives to. There are many people who are looking to George to learn what to do, and they will follow him as he starts making donations to the people of the world.

George Soros has proven that there are many ways to affect change in the world. The world is a growing place that has many problems that must be addressed. It is simple for George to give his billions to those who need it most, and he wishes to fight against the reactionary policies of the conservative elite that are now in the forefront.

Read his profile at Forbes.

The Manse on Marsh Wins Yet Another Major Award

A recent report on KCTV5 is telling all about the facility in San Luis Obispo California. It is one of the best facilities in America because of the surveys that it has received. The positive feedback is what makes the facility noticed by many individuals. The Manse on Marsh houses many seniors with different likes and interests. Each person in the facility has a different background and a different personality but the Manse is able to satisfy most of the people there. The Manse houses many seniors that have either lost a spouse or was never married. The people that live in the facility are happy when they attend activities that help them meet new people. Activities provides different groups that come in to the facility to sing and play games with the seniors. There is transportation available when a senior wishes to go to town to do some shopping. Senior living can be fun and interesting if they meet other seniors to talk to daily.

Manse on Marsh offers many amenities for the seniors that rent from the facility. The apartments are beautifully done. The seniors are able to decorate their own apartment or flat as they see fit. Some of the apartments have cook stoves and refrigerators. Others are set up with separate bedrooms. These rooms are a little different from the assisted living facilities that are like hospital rooms and do not have separate apartments.

The Manse on Marsh is ready to accept your family member to help them to adjust to living without their spouse or a loved one around. The facility has a beautiful dining area that is set up like a 5 star restaurant. The staff offers service to the seniors so that every meal is special. Facility life is not difficult if the facility offers things for the senior to do and if they have good food available. Take a tour at the Manse Blog and see how happy your family member can be.