Eco Friendly Tent Camping Destinations in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is an excellent place to find some of the best tent camping in the country. With its dense forests and pristine lakes it’s no wonder that its State Parks draw thousands of visitors each year.


Here are 4 tent camping destinations in Wisconsin nature enthusiasts won’t want to miss.


#1. Copper Falls State Park


Wisconsin state parks are known for their pristine lakes and beautiful dense forests. Copper Falls State Park in northern Wisconsin offers beautiful hiking trails throughout it’s 500 acre State Natural Area with the largest collection of waterfalls in the state. The areas high bat population helps keep mosquitoes to a minimum and the cooler summers of the northern state make for comfortable hiking.


#2. New Port State Park


Door County Wisconsin may draw a lot of tourists, but there are still peaceful retreats to be found on this beautiful peninsula. New Port State Park has hike in camping only with most of it’s campsites spread out along 11 miles of Lake Michigan coastline. For those seeking an alternative to crowds, Newport is where to find nothing but miles of wilderness trails and breathtaking views of the great lake.


#3. Devils Lake State Park


Devil’s Lake is one of the great natural wonders of the state. Huge bluffs tower above the glacier carved valley with hiking trails, impressive rock formations, and rock climbing all around the lake at it’s center. Devil’s lake draws large crowds throughout the summer, but quiet camping can still be found in early summer or late fall.


#4. Kohler-Andrea State Park


Situated on the northern shores of Lake Michigan Kohler-Andrea can best be described as the fresh water ocean of the Midwest. It’s white sand beach with dunes stretches out along the waves of the lake offering swimming, shore fishing, and bird watching.


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