Whitney Wolfe Cuts Down The Way Time For Responses With Bumble

Whitney Wolfe knows that the only reason that people are using dating apps is because they want to try something that is different from the experience that they may have had in the past. That is why she takes every effort to make sure that she is giving singles a meaningful experience through Bumble.

This is part of the reason she implemented the 24-hour period for contacting someone that is sent a message. She knows that young professionals with dating apps are busy people. There are so many people that complain about apps that they sign up for. It takes – what seems like – an eternity for the other party to respond. This can be very annoying. It can be frustrating so Whitney Wolfe decided to do something about it.

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She wanted to create a platform where men and women would have the chance to know if there was any spark within a 24-hour period period. This is what men and women love. The wait time that can occur on dating apps can be crippling to the dating experience, and Whitney Wolfe wanted to change this. She wanted to give women the chance to actually get involved with an app where women will be in control. Whitney Wolfe has done this and she plans to do a whole lot more with networking and friendship building through her Bumble company.

Wolfe is expanding because she realizes that there is only so far that one can go with that dating app market before it is saturated. She also realizes that singles that are dating may also be in the process of building friends or a network circle for job opportunities. The process of doing all of this can be much easier when people have one company that provides all of this.

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