Mikhail Blagosklonny; Researcher, Scientist, and Scholar

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a distinguished scientist in the field of cancer and aging. He attended the First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg. It is at this University that he earned his Master’s degree in Internal Medicine and his Doctorate in Cardiology and Medicine. He started his career at the New York Medical College as an associate professor of medicine. Mikhail joined the Roswell Park Cancer Institute as an oncology professor in 2009. He has focused his research on cancer and its therapies as well as aging in general. He has written close to 300 research papers over the course of his career. Blagosklonny’s papers have appeared in peer-reviewed journals and have received close to thirty thousand citations. Read more on templeofthecave.com

Mikhail is well-known for his findings on the relation between aging and cancer. He recently ventured into the study of signal transduction and its relation to aging. He found that TOR signaling played a huge role in aging and the formation of cancer. Cancer is an age-related disease and the likelihood that one will get it increases as one gets older. Mikhail Blagosklonny found out that the treatment for one could be used to treat the other since the two were related. His research led him to the possible use of rapamycin as an anti-aging drug. Rapamycin is a cancer drug that is used to delay its effects on the body. He started Oncotarget together with Andrei Gudkov in 2010. Andrei is Mikhail’s workmate at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Both of them are editors-in-chief of the paper. They are responsible for its success.

Oncotarget is the top journal of oncology today. It is one of the highest-ranked in the medical field. It has a total reach of ten thousand cities. The journal has averaged an impact factor of 5. The journal publishes papers in other fields other than oncology including aging, molecular biology, neuroscience, and cardiology. The editors decided to expand the fields that it covers because of the success of the journal. Mikhail is also the editor-in-chief of Cell Cycle and Aging. He has served as the associate editor of several journals including the American Journal of Pathology, the International Journal of Cancer, and Autophagy.

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