NCAA basketball offers highest profits to sharp hustlers

You may have heard of sports bettors like Billy Walters, Lefty Rosenthal or Teddy Covers, all of whom made fortunes betting on sports like the NFL and NBA. It may seem counter intuitive, then, to learn that, for up-and-coming sports bettors with smaller bank rolls, betting on big-time pro sports is often one of the worst options.

This stems from the fact that leagues like the NFL will have massive viewership numbers, attendance and general interest in them. Consequently, a single NFL game will frequently generate more action, that’s hustler-speak for betting volume, than any game played throughout college sports, in any season. This huge volume attracts the best handicappers with the largest bank rolls who can afford to take the huge variance that comes with thin edges and who are otherwise not interested in games where they may only be able to bet a few thousand dollars without moving a mispriced line back to its correct value.

But this is exactly where leagues like Division II NCAA basketball shine for newer sports handicappers looking to make high rates of return. A Division II game featuring a team like Grand Valley State University just isn’t going to attract a great deal of betting volume. This means that the biggest and sharpest bettors don’t follow these games or teams very closely, resulting in far more lines being mispriced. The magnitude of error in the NCAA betting odds can also be much larger because the people betting on these games are primarily total amateurs. It’s Joe Sixpack rooting for his favorite team. For more on NCAA basketball odds, please visit

On top of that, there are 320 basketball teams in Division II alone. That means that not only can a newer sports bettor keep their money in action, but there are far more opportunities to look for incorrect odds. There are literally multiple games per day happening during the NCAA basketball season, many of which will have badly mispriced lines. Compare that with the NFL, where there are only 30 or so games a week, mostly occurring on Sunday.


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